Cookie Co. offers a unique lineup of cookies that changes on a weekly basis. Some of the classic flavors include our signature chocolate chip, frosted sugar, sea salt caramel, cinnamon roll, and pumpkin chocolate chip, more than 52 creations rotate over a year. Cookie co is on a strong path to grow the concept with franchise locations throughout North America and Internationally.

“We are excited to continue our growth of opening 1-2 stores each week through the end of this 2022. Cookie Co also has 17 new store openings scheduled in Q1 of 2023,” says Matt and Elise Thomas. The duo is hands on through every aspect of the business and operations of the company. Cookie Co is on target to hit their goal of 75 locations open by the end of 2023 with over 125 locations sold at the end of 2023.

Cookie Co. was founded in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic by Elise and Matt Thomas. Working behind the scenes to open the first Cookie Co. location, Elise baked her signature cookie recipes using real eggs, real butter, and real cane sugar in her home, preparing hundreds of boxes weekly by hand for driveway pick-up. Quickly becoming known as “The Cookie Lady” and amassing an organic social media following, Elise realized that her passion project was blooming into a full-blown business. The original Cookie Co. shop opened just around the corner, allowing the company to servemore loyal Cookie Co. fans.

Despite all odds, the flagship Cookie Co. location opened in August 2020 without any formal marketing simply great cookies and happy customers sharing word of mouth. With their proprietary recipes, Cookie Co. Began to offer four flavors per week, with one always being Cookie Co’s famous Chocolate Chip cookie. Cookie Co’s mission is to be the local cookie shop at the core of every great town – a symbol of happiness, comfort, and hope. Supporting all things local by investing in the community and paying it forward through charitable giving, Cookie Co. believes that each local cookie shop can help their communities thrive.

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