This week Cosi introduces its “Lighten Up! Menu” at all of its restaurants.

Cosi’s “Lighten Up! Menu” will feature lighter versions of some of its most popular salad and sandwich options, including Signature Salad Light, Bombay Chicken Light Salad, and T.B.M. Light Sandwich, all less than 500 calories each. Cosi also received some help from a nutritionist who looked for ways to reduce calories on every item, including switching to low-fat mayo, offering reduced-fat dressings and reducing cheese portions by half.

The change comes after the brand’s success in launching the menu in New York City where it is required that all chain restaurants include caloric content directly on the menu. The city’s Board of Health implement the law in order to enable customers to make more informed and healthy choices about what they eat, in an effort to promote healthier living throughout the city. As other cities soon follow New York City’s, Cosi is at the forefront of expanding the practice to their other restaurants.

“We really believe in the values that led to the law implemented by New York City Board of Health,” says Jill Lawrence, Director of Marketing for Cosi. “We want all of our customers to have more choices when they visit us, especially those who are conscious about making healthy eating decisions.”

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