MonkeyMedia Software, provider of the number-one cloud platform for takeout, delivery, and catering, announces it has entered into a new agreement with Cosi, Inc., a national fast-casual restaurant chain.

Cosi will deploy Monkey as a technology tool to support its existing restaurant takeout, delivery, and catering strategy, rolling out the software solution across its restaurants located in the U.S. Monkey will allow all Cosi restaurants to better manage catering sales, order entry, billing, payments and collections, production, order fulfillment, and order distribution. Monkey online ordering will allow customers to order takeout, delivery, and catering from any screen, anywhere, and will connect them with off-premise sales experts to help fulfill their food occasion needs. By integrating Monkey, we expect Cosi to benefit from a dedicated technology solution that will provide its leadership team with more visibility into its operations, and help each location more efficiently manage all steps of the off-premise transaction process.

“As operators and managers we must constantly be considering our shareholders, our team members, and our customers, to maximize the profits of our organization,” says Erle Dardick, CEO of MonkeyMedia Software.

“We work with wonderful brands in our restaurant community and we are pleased that Cosi is now included in our portfolio of customers. These operators understand the dynamics of this business and they have a clear vision of how to grow their catering and off-premise sales. We are lucky to be part of that growth.”

Web-based Monkey will easily integrate into Cosi’s existing infrastructure, ensuring seamless data flow across all systems, and providing operators with access to real-time data for better decision-making and control of off-premise operations.

As a complement to the MokeyMedia software services, the team at Cosi will have the opportunity to work with The Catering Institute to leverage training for its team members to increase sales, and may also utilize CEO, Erle Dardick’s, book, “Get Catering and Grow Sales!” as a compass for moving forward with takeout, delivery and catering programs across the brand.

“We strive to provide our guests with exceptional service in a convenient format, and we believe the MonkeyMedia software platform will assist us in achieving that goal,” says James Lux, vice president of information technology for Cosi, Inc.

“Monkey is one piece of the technology upgrades we are implementing across our restaurant base over the next few months. We expect our investment in this technology to be critical in growing our online sales, and we are pleased with the support from MoneyMedia as we prepare for the rollout,” Lux says.

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