Tender and soft, coming in all shapes and sizes, tortillas are one of the most versatile, yet underappreciated foods to date. Consumed more than any other type of bread in the United States, one has to wonder how America doesn’t have a day dedicated to celebrating the humble tortilla.

Taking note of this monstrosity of a situation is Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill, a Utah-based, fast casual focused on redefining traditional Mexican cuisine. Costa Vida has taken the matter into its own hands and has declared June 4 as the official National Tortilla Day.

Known for its innovative cuisine inspired by coastal Mexico, Costa Vida prides itself on clean eating through made-from-scratch menu options using only the freshest, natural, and whole ingredients. Devoted to promoting healthy lifestyles and keeping a focus on fresh, customizable options that accommodate guests’ individual dietary needs, the brand offers an extensive variety of gluten-friendly choices and several flavorful options. In honor of the newly claimed holiday, the restaurant will be offering $5 smothered pork burritos, in addition to free tortillas throughout the day.

“Although often unacknowledged, tortillas are an essential foundation to many of our best offerings,” says Sean Collins, CEO of Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill. “Costa Vida takes pride in having our tortillas made-to-order daily in our restaurants. Our first location opened on June 4 in 2003, making it the perfect day to pay proper tribute to the almighty tortilla.”

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