Cousins Subs announced the launch of two additions to its menu. For a limited time, guests can enjoy the Lobster Salad sub, a revived seafood favorite, alongside the permanent addition of Cheese Fries, providing a cheesy twist to the classic side dish.

The Lobster Salad sub is served made-to-order with a blend of lobster and mayo, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and Old Bay seasoning on Italian bread.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Lobster Salad sub for a limited time,” says Justin McCoy, vice president of marketing at Cousins Subs. “Its return is a nod to our loyal customers who miss the discontinued Seafood Sub. The delectable blend of lobster, mayo, and flavorful toppings makes it a must-try for those seeking the elevated taste of an old favorite.”

The Lobster Salad sub can be ordered as a 7 ½” or 15” sub sandwich. Guests can also order the limited-time-only sub as a Sub in a Bowl upon request.

Cousins Subs also introduced Cheese Fries as a permanent menu staple. A generous portion of large fries is served in a bowl and topped with rich and creamy Wisconsin Cheddar Supreme Cheese Sauce. Crafted with real Wisconsin cheddar, this sauce enhances the flavor of the crispy fries, creating a delectable combination.

To satisfy customers’ cravings further, Cousins Subs also introduced Chili Cheese Fries as a seasonal menu item. These flavorful fries are topped with Cousins Subs’ signature chili and the irresistible Wisconsin Cheddar Supreme Cheese Sauce, delivering a savory and gooey delight.

“As a Wisconsin brand, our love for cheese runs deep,” says McCoy. “Incorporating our dairy-state roots into our menu is a passion. Whether you’re into classic cheese fries or crave the bold flavors of chili cheese fries, we invite you to indulge!”

Cousins Subs’ cheese fries and chili cheese fries are now available at all locations, offering customers the option to enjoy these treats as a side to their favorite sub sandwich or as a standalone snack. Guests also have the option to add cheese sauce to any sub.

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