Cowboy Chicken, the popular six-unit Dallas-based fast casual wood-fired rotisserie chicken brand, has introduced a new old-time favorite, Southern Blackberry Cobbler, for a limited time. Thirty years ago the popular chicken brand’s now famous homemade peach cobbler was first introduced to its menu.  After many awards, and this thirty year milestone, Cowboy Chicken invites the community to its same famous old-time cobbler recipe now with the season’s best blackberries.  

“Our Southern Blackberry Cobbler is one of those super simple and delicious recipes from the old days,” says Sean Kennedy, president of Cowboy Chicken. “Folks seemed to really understand the value of 'simple' back then, and we haven’t changed the recipe, but the new Southern Blackberries really make it even more delicious.”
Blackberries ripen from mid-summer to early fall, and go from green to red to dark blue or black in color and have one of the highest antioxidant levels of fruits regularly tested. Blackberries are also rich in Vitamin C and fiber, which have been shown to help reduce the risks of certain cancers. 
For over 30 years, the “downhome Cowboys” at Cowboy Chicken have been cooking all natural chicken over a wood-burning fire, and today guests enjoy the same delicious wood-fired rotisserie chicken along with seventeen different fresh homemade sides. Since its humble beginnings in 1981, Cowboy Chicken has perfected the taste of chicken on a wood-burning rotisserie and created the now famous Twice-Baked "Potaters." Other long time favorites are the famous Cowboy Chicken Enchiladas stuffed full of delicious all white meat rotisserie chicken and Chicken salad sandwiches. Homemade Southern Blackberry Cobbler finishes off any Cowboy meal. Both the award-winning Chicken Enchiladas and homemade Cobbler have been on the menu since Cowboy's inception thirty years ago.
Cowboy Chicken also features healthy and delicious fresh salads and sandwiches, grilled skinless chicken breasts, and nutritious sides such as seasonal fruit, baked sweet potato, green beans, and Campfire Veggies, which can all be ordered online.  Online ordering is available for lunch and dinner, take-out, home delivery, and catering services.
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