Creamistry, a California-based liquid nitrogen ice cream franchise with more than 50 shops open and operating throughout four states and three countries, has turned its attention to South Florida for its next expansion wave.

While no locations have been formally announced, Creamistry founder and CEO Jay Yim believes the region can hold as many as 13 shops—both corporate—and franchisee-owned—all of which he expects will open in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers over the next several years.

The Florida growth plans are part of a much larger initiative that has Creamistry expanding into other states across the country, including California, Georgia, Nevada, New York and Texas, among others.

“Everybody loves ice cream. It’s just one of those things that puts smiles on everyone’s face and Creamistry is no different. But the ice cream that we serve most certainly is,” Yim says. “Since the minute we opened the doors to our first shop we haven’t looked back—we haven’t had the time. The public response has been completely out of this world and we can’t wait to introduce the Creamistry experience to South Florida.”

Here’s how Creamistry works: Customers choose a portion size, then a creamy base (Signature Premium, Organic, Dairy-Free Sorbet, Vegan Coconut), one of 30 flavors, and then toppings from a list of 35 options that include candy, cookies and cereal, fruits, and sauces. The ice cream is made right before the customer with a lot of billowing smoke thanks to the flash-freezing process. When the liquid nitrogen (-321° F) hits the base it freezes so fast that ice crystals don’t have a chance to develop, resulting in a dense, smooth ice cream.

“It does not get any fresher; it’s all made right in front of you,” Yim says. “We handcraft every scoop. It’s like a factory just for you, one scoop at a time.”

A visit to Creamistry however is about more than just ice cream—it is a feast for all senses. Customers are greeted by innovative touches like the flat screens adorning the walls, the chemical flasks, the liquid nitrogen tanks in-store and the live social media feed which allows customers to take pictures of their experience, add the Creamistry hashtag and see it appear on the screens. Yim knows this adds to the whole experience and keeps customers coming back— “It’s the cool factor. It’s a hotspot, just a really cool place to be and hangout.”

Including a franchise fee of $40,000, the initial investment to open a Creamistry franchise is $224,500-$576,500. The franchise fee for a second store is $30,000 and $20,000 for subsequent stores.

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