Culver's is adding two new menu items to its line-up: the Mini Mixer and Sweet Potato Fries.

For guests looking for more choices, Culver’s introduces a new right size option for its irresistible Concrete Mixer: the Mini Mixer. Guests can choose from popular flavors such as Crazy for Cookie Dough or Brownie Batter or create their own Mini Mixer masterpiece.

“Fresh Frozen Custard Concrete Mixer lovers know that sometimes it takes two people to finish one of these decadent treats,” says David Stidham, vice president of marketing for Culver’s. “The Mini Mixer gives guests permission to indulge with a just-the-right size choice.

“Consumers are looking for options to make smart choices for themselves,” Stidham says. “Our new Mini Mixer offers them a ‘right size’ treat.”

For guests who march to the beat of their own drummer, Culver’s offers the option to create your own Mini Mixer with more than 30 mix-ins. Choices include gooey toppings, delicious bits of favorite candies, and tempting pieces of fruit.

Each of the 431 restaurants makes the Fresh Frozen Custard used in Mini Mixers in small batches throughout the day. For those who are new to frozen custard, what makes this treat so craveable is its thicker consistency and smooth, creamy flavor. Like many of the ingredients for its meals and treats, Culver’s sources its milk locally. More than 100 Wisconsin family dairy farms provide fresh milk and cream to make the Fresh Frozen Custard. 

A perfect combination of salty and sweet, Culver’s new Sweet Potato Fries are shoestring cut for the optimal level of crispiness. Guests can enjoy this limited-time-only Southern staple in all 431 restaurants through July 3.

“Like our signature Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Sweet Potato Fries are the ultimate comfort food and a savory complement to our ButterBurger lineup. We will continue to push the envelope with innovative ingredients and products at Culver’s,” Stidham says.

A sweet alternative to traditional fries, sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, folic acid, and potassium. According to the American Dietetic Association, these nutrients make sweet potatoes a “good nutritional choice.”

In addition to Sweet Potato Fries, Culver’s side choices include the signature Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Crinkle Cut Fries, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Seasoned Green Beans, Onion Rings, and Cole Slaw.

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