American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) recently announced plans to bring a DQ Grill & Chill restaurant to Worcester County. Set to open in late August, the restaurant will be located at 18 Sack Blvd, bringing sweet treats to the community. 

A welcoming environment for all, the forthcoming DQ Grill & Chill features a modern look and feel with comfortable booths, outdoor fireplace, large wooden tables, warm lighting and upbeat music.  The new location will be locally owned by Adam Fedeli. Fedeli, who comes from a family of entrepreneurial small business owners, is eager to begin his entrance into business ownership with the DQ Grill & Chill concept.  

“After enjoying a number of Dairy Queen meals and blizzards myself as a customer and seeing how other locations garnered a strong following, I felt drawn to open my own Grill & Chill. After reading further into DQ’s expansion in the Northeast and researching multiple locations over the years the stars finally seemed to align with the location in Leominster. To be able to open a DQ Grill and Chill where guests can relax and enjoy a meal or treat with friends and family is very exciting to me. I am looking forward to creating a positive experience for our neighbors in the Leominster community who will soon visit the new location.” 

Fedeli will be taking an active role in running the restaurants daily operations. In addition, Nelly Rivera will support him as the location’s general manager, who has several years of experience in the industry, along with Stacey Lizotte, a small business owner herself who will be an active partner as well. Fedeli is thrilled to have a strong team by his side and is ready to take the next step forward. Fedeli has a strong background in management running family-owned movie theater, Cinema World, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, alongside his father, Dave Fedeli. He grew up working with his father and grandfather at their family-owned Tri-Town Drive-In theater in Lunenburg, MA and remembers having his sights set on opening a venture of his own one day. He looks forward to making this a reality and finally bringing DQ Grill & Chill fans to Leominster.  

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