Industry News | February 19, 2008

Daphne's-Branded Topping at Costco

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Fans of Daphne’s Greek Cafe can now make their next trip to Costco Warehouse spicy, by adding to their shopping list Daphne’s signature FireFeta® topping and spread. Now available at 25 Costco Warehouses in Arizona, California and New Mexico and for a limited time only, FireFeta® is a proprietary blend of four varieties of peppers, creamy feta, and 14 secret seasonings. At Daphne’s, FireFeta® is served as an addition to salads, pita sandwiches and combination plates, and in the Zesta®; a unique flash fried pita filled with Fire Feta® and a choice of chicken, gyros, or falafel. FireFeta® is also enjoyed on its own as a spicy, delicious dip. FireFeta® is available in 28oz containers in the refrigerated section and priced at $8.59.

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