The “Date Code Genie,” a fully automated, hi-tech date-code labeling system for use in the foodservice industry, will launch this summer at the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo in Los Angeles, August 18 to 20. See the Date Code Genie system in person at booth #241.


About Date Code Genie


Date Code Genie is a twenty-first century solution to an age-old foodservice industry problem: how to serve deliciously fresh food, yet waste as little as possible. Date Code Genie is the first fully integrated date-code labeling system that employs app, web, and cloud technologies. DCG is the most intuitive and powerful date-coding system on the market. It saves foodservice professionals time and money by cutting labor hours more than 95 percent. With a few simple swipes and taps on the touch screen, DCG accomplishes in seconds what usually takes employees hours to do by hand.


With Date Code Genie, foodservice professionals can reduce both waste and risk. DCG prints easy-to-read labels that satisfy all date-coding laws with guaranteed accuracy. It eliminates waste caused by poor hand-writing and date and time miscalculation, thus protecting foodservice establishments from liability and customers from food borne illnesses.


Date Code Genie software is uniquely intuitive. It’s easy to use and offers the shortest learning curve in the industry. Managers and owners can update their systems remotely from anywhere in the world, and users can become printing pros in mere minutes. Date Code Genie is also the most versatile date-code labeling system on the market. It prints labels in a variety of sizes, formats, and adhesives. It is also offers the flexibility to effortlessly switch between printing typical date-code labels to labels with totally customizable text.


Date Code Genie was developed by Coda Resources in Brooklyn, New York. Intensive market research combined with input from foodservice professionals enabled Coda to develop the best system available today. It is because Coda’s team understands what it’s like to work in a professional kitchen that they were able to develop this state-of-the-art system that truly caters directly to foodservice professionals.

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