Delphi Display Systems Inc., the global leader in consumer engagement and business optimization technology solutions for the food service industry, announced today that it has been appointed as an authorized distributor of 3M communication product lines. 3M’s latest generation headset will become part of Delphi’s Insight end-to-end, drive thru technology solution for the quick-service restaurant market.

“We are excited to become an authorized distributor of 3M’s state-of-the-art communication products,” says Ken Neeld, president and CEO of Delphi. “The addition of the 3M product line to our Insight suite of best-of-breed QSR drive-thru solutions allows us to offer a fully integrated technology platform that is not available anywhere in the market today.”

The 3M fifth generation drive thru headset product, named G5, will be offered as a standalone solution or as an integrated component of Delphi’s Insight technology suite consisting of drive-thru order confirmation systems, drive thru timing systems, and digital menu board solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. As a distributor of 3M communication products, Delphi will provide turnkey services including installation, configuration, technical support, maintenance, and repair services. Quick service operators will conveniently have only one number to call for sales, service, and support. 


Currently Delphi Display Systems will be distributing 3M Headsets throughout Northern California and San Diego counties. More details on coverage areas and service offerings are available on the company's website.

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