Denny’s is offering a solution to fast food take-out breakfast with the creation of the Denny’s Dome and the launch of Real B-FST 2GO. Denny’s, responding to the lack of quality portable breakfast choices, is launching its new take out program, B-FST 2GO, and offering breakfast take-out in customized Denny’s Dome packaging. The layered 2GO packaging keeps breakfast orders, as well as other Denny’s meals, hot and fresh in a single proprietary container for up to thirty minutes, providing the same table service-quality food for customers on the go.

More than half of time-pressed Americans eat their meals on the go, forced to choose fast food because of busy lifestyles and time constraints. Denny’s B-FST 2GO caters to those consumers.

“With Denny’s B-FST 2GO in our proprietary Dome, consumers don’t have to settle for fast food in clamshells or wrappers anymore,” says Mark Chmiel, executive vice president and chief marketing and innovation officer. “We know that Americans love breakfast … all day long … but it has not been an easy meal to carry out. Who wants cold eggs, a soggy biscuit in a wrapper, or wilted pancakes from fast-food restaurants? We know that the demand for our signature real fresh breakfast is there. The challenge has been perfecting the portability factor that our competitors haven’t been able to do. Our proprietary Dome positions us for a homerun.”

The “Denny’s Dome” packaging is custom-designed to allow made-to-order meals to travel well and stay hot and fresh. The dome is designed to carry a full breakfast, pancakes, sunny-side up eggs, hash browns, or any other Denny’s meal, in one container while maintaining overall quality. The base of the Dome is divided into a ventilated area to keep crispy foods like hash browns, french fries, and bacon crisp, and a closed area to keep moist foods like eggs and sausage moist. On top of the base, an insert plate holds French toast or pancakes in an ideal environment, while sealing in the foods below it. Topping it off, a clear lid allows customers to see their order at a glance.

Denny’s has developed a new B-FST 2GO menu. B-FST 2GO is offered in all Denny’s restaurants. The 2GO program is being supported through national television advertising tags, in-store merchandising, and on Denny’s web site.

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