If fast food consumers were left feeling disturbed after seeing the documentary Super Size Me, then seeing the recently released Portion Size Me will might bring a sigh of relief .

On Oct. 22, 2005 at the Downtown Cantina in St. Louis James Painter previewed his Portion Size Me documentary to members of the media.
The Eastern Illinois University (EIU) professor and chair of EIU’s School of Family and Consumer Sciences’s film demonstrates that even cheeseburgers and fries can be included in a healthy diet. The film follows two EIU students who eat nothing but fast food for a month and lose weight in the process.

Portion Size Me is showing at an EIU alumni gathering being held during the American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Conference in St. Louis, October 22–25.

The documentary was filmed and produced by Pete Grant and Antoine Thomas from EIU’s Center for Academic Technology Support. The data on the subjects was analyzed by Karla Kennedy Hagan, assistant professor of nutrition in the EIU School of Family and Consumer Sciences.