Multinational pizza chain Dodo Pizza launched a ChatGPT-based flavor generator in its Dubai mobile application. Integrated into the app, generative AI has a table of 35 ingredients that can be mixed to create 30 million possible combinations. Customers can now generate a pizza tailored to their moods and preferences, which the pizza store team will cook and deliver straight away. 

During the development of Dodo’s pizza generator, the list of permanent menu ingredients was broadened by 17 new components such as fuzzily, popcorn, duck, guacamole, melon, fruit loops cereal, falafel, and pumpkin seeds. The generation process in the app starts with a range of questions about the user’s mood and preferences. So, “movie night,” “hungry tourists,” “miss the rain,” or “post-workout” are among the available mood options. 

“Personalization demands a range of processes to be changed or reinvented, which is particularly challenging for fast-food concepts,” says Spartak Arutyunyan, CEO of Dodo Pizza Dubai. “Our goal was not only to build a virtual flavor generator but also to ensure that every AI fantasy could be brought to life.” 

The generator’s interface lets users specify their preferences by asking only to consider vegetarian combinations and not to add onion, pineapple, or spices. Based on the gathered information, the AI engine proposes a unique combination of ingredients in five seconds, along with the pizza’s name and description.

“Launch of an AI-powered flavor generator with 30 million possible combinations makes Dodo’s menu the biggest in the pizza industry”, Arutyunyan says.

As part of the development process, the team has defined the restrictions for ChatGPT in terms of ingredients that should not be mixed with each other. By doing so, unsuitable combinations were eliminated to allow customers to create both totally new and tasty pizzas.

“Such an enhanced level of personalization asked for six months of work, including setting up restaurant processes and tests with the R&D team. A special anti-fraud system was even developed since we pay for every request sent through ChatGPT integrated into the app,” Arutyunyan says.

In 2024, Dodo Pizza plans to scale an AI pizza generator across its locations in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa.   

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