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    Domino's CEO Delivers Pizza for a Year

  • Industry News April 2, 2009
    As a continuation of Domino's Big Taste Bailout campaign, Domino's CEO Dave Brandon, made the first of two surprise deliveries in Killeen, Texas, to Angela Waldrep, the first lucky winner.

    Today, Waldrep opened her door to find piping hot pizza from Domino's, a gift card with enough dough to feast on Domino's Pizza products for a year and a special bag full of goodies from the star of the Taste Bailout commercials, Dave Brandon himself.

    "I am thrilled to make this delivery today," Brandon told Waldrep.

    "I visit Domino's Pizza stores across the county on a regular basis, but this is the first time I've been a part of a secret, surprise delivery."

    The Big Taste Bailout promotion, which offers consumers three or more medium, one topping pizzas or oven baked sandwiches for just $5 each, kicked off earlier this month. As part of the on-line promotion, Domino's consumers are encouraged to go to the company's Web site and nominate a friend in need of a bailout.

    Leading up to the first delivery today, there was a countdown online indicating when the delivery would take place.

    Today, the site changed to show Brandon's location in Killeen. Now that the first delivery has taken place, the countdown for the next recipient of the Super Big Taste bailout begins.