Voltage Security Inc., (www.voltage.com), a global leader in information encryption, today announced that Domino’s Pizza has selected Voltage SecureMail to provide corporate-wide email protection. With Voltage Security, Domino’s can easily encrypt emails containing sensitive corporate or private personal information being sent to anyone, anywhere.

“At Domino’s we are in the process of implementing a corporate-wide data loss prevention initiative to avoid any accidental loss of private or proprietary information,” says Karl Anderson, network security manager, Domino’s Pizza. “We realized that emails being sent to partners and vendors, such as insurance providers, may contain information like social security numbers that must be encrypted before sending.”

“We realized we need a solution that integrates easily with our existing email system and one that requires little, if any, additional user training. Voltage provides all that and more,” Anderson adds. “I can’t imagine any company not needing this.”

Domino’s will be using Voltage SecureMail to encrypt email being sent between corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan and its 17 distribution centers across the U.S., and also between key partners and vendors. Voltage SecureMail is designed to automatically flag emails containing sensitive data and encrypt them automatically prior to sending. Decisions about encryption are made based on pre-set policy–not by individuals on a one-off basis. Domino’s is using the popular Voltage SecureMail Zero Download Messenger, which enables the recipient to read an encrypted email without first downloading and installing client software.

“Our customers consistently tell us that they are amazed at how transparent Voltage SecureMail is within their email system,” says Wasim Ahmad, vice president of Marketing at Voltage. “It is truly ‘encryption that just works.’ Providing email security to Domino’s is another example of how businesses can continue to use email to speed business process while protecting the privacy of all concerned.”

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