When Ashley Elskoe of Houston placed her Domino’s order this past Saturday, she was intrigued to track the progress of it using Domino’s innovative Pizza Tracker. Little did she know, she was the one millionth customer to do so since the technology was introduced in late January and would be rewarded with $1,000 worth of Domino’s Pizza gift certificates!

“I thought it would be cool to try our Pizza Tracker and see where my pizza was in the process,” Elskoe says. “I had no idea that it would get me $1,000 worth of Domino’s pizza–I couldn’t believe when they called and told me.”

Domino’s revolutionary Pizza Tracker technology allows Domino’s Pizza customers to follow the progress of their order online from the time they click the “Place Order” button or hang up the telephone until the Domino’s delivery expert leaves the store.

Once customers place an order, they can go to www.dominos.com and click on the Pizza Tracker icon. They will see a horizontal bar that lights up red as each step in the process is completed. Customers will see confirmation of their order being received by the store; when it’s being prepared; when it’s been placed in the oven; when it’s been boxed and placed in the Domino’s eatWave bag; and finally, when it’s on its way for delivery.

“Customers using Pizza Tracker will no longer have to wonder where their pizza is in the ordering process–it takes the ‘mystery’ out of waiting for their pizza. Not only that, it’s entertaining, too,” says Domino’s chief information officer, Chris McGlothlin.

Pizza Tracker is available at more than 3,600 Domino’s Pizza stores in the U.S. that use the company’s Domino’s Pulse computer system. The list of stores adding the Domino’s Pulse system is growing every month.

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