DTT announces that it has once again been named on the SDM Top 100 list, ranking at number 28. As the leading provider of loss prevention and video surveillance for the restaurant and hospitality sectors, DTT is proud to be included with other successful security system companies that made the list.  

Additionally, DTT posted record-breaking revenues for Q1 2013, signing over 1,000 new restaurant locations across all industry segments of QSR, Fast Casual, TSR, and Pizza.  
“It’s a great honor and privilege to be ranked among other highly successful companies on the SDM Top 100 list. This recognition certainly motivates us to continue striving for excellence and ensure that we are providing quality managed loss prevention services and support for our customers. The market response to DTT’s portfolio of products and services over the last few months has been extraordinary. We’ve doubled the size of our sales organization and signed exclusivity agreements for loss prevention with several major hospitality brands. We thank our customers and look forward to expanding partnerships throughout the hospitality space in the coming months,” says Thomas Moran, EVP of sales and marketing for DTT. 
DTT’s chief technology officer Vic Herrera adds, “At DTT, we are continuously improving our loss prevention solution set and technology, which leverages our enterprise portal, MyDTT. Our services are now fully integrated with the MyDTT platform, providing our customers with a variety of enterprise-wide data that’s both easy to access and simple to understand. In the last few months we have received a great deal of positive feedback surrounding this product and seen a significant increase in adoption.”