Dunkin’ Donuts today officially launched its new, all-day Oven-Toasted menu. The new platform marks the most significant change to Dunkin’ Donuts product lineup since the company launched espresso-based beverages in 2003.

The menu items are now available in 3,500 shops throughout the country, including participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations in New England, New York, and Florida and will be available nationwide by spring.

Exciting new Dunkin’ Donuts’ Oven-Toasted menu items now available all throughout the day include:

• Flatbread Sandwiches, easy to hold and eat. These hot, crispy sandwiches are available in three classic flavors: Turkey, Cheddar & Bacon; Ham & Swiss; and Three Cheese (Monterey Jack, Cheddar and Swiss).

• Personal Pizzas, available in five-inch servings. Customers can choose from three varieties: Supreme (Italian sausage, pepperoni and green and red peppers); Pepperoni (mozzarella and diced pepperoni) and Cheese (asiago, mozzarella, parmesan and romano.)

• Hash Browns, lightly seasoned and served as bite-sized medallions. The special Hash Browns container was specifically designed to fit neatly into a car cupholder, perfect for on-the-go occasions.

In order to introduce the new menu, Dunkin’ Donuts shops have received an entirely new cooking platform. New cooking ovens, using patented technologies, deliver the “Oven-Toasted” result. Dunkin’ Donuts’ new Oven-Toasting process enhances the taste and quality of Dunkin’ Donuts’ current breakfast menu. Breakfast sandwiches are cooked evenly and thoroughly, sealing in flavor, caramelizing meats, creating a fluffier egg, and crisping the bread. Bakery items such as muffins and croissants are also now served warm and lightly toasted upon request.

The new menu is Dunkin’ Donuts’ response to on-the-go, busy lifestyles and changing consumer eating habits and expectations. Company and industry research indicates that today’s time-starved consumer is insisting on quick, high-quality food and beverage offerings that are convenient, portable, and not limited by time of day. Customers want flexibility and having hash browns, flatbread sandwiches, and personal pizza available anytime allows Dunkin’ Donuts to break the limitation of traditional menu barriers.

“People will no longer accept being offered breakfast only in the mornings or sandwiches only in the afternoon,” says Will Kussell, president and chief brand officer of Dunkin’ Donuts Worldwide. “Customers love Dunkin’ Donuts current menu items, and now they can enjoy more choices to keep them going any time of day without compromising on quality or taste. They want a full variety of morning and afternoon food and beverage offerings, served fast and fresh, whether it’s 8 a.m. or 8 p.m.”

The launch of the Oven-Toasted menu supports Dunkin’ Donuts aggressive growth. The company is committed to expanding its number of existing U.S. shops, moving into new markets while expanding in its current cities. Within the past year, the company has launched plans or entered into agreements for significant expansion in Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin and Houston, among other locations. Dunkin’ Donuts is also increasing its presence in international markets, including the company’s recent announcement to expand into mainland China.

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