Duo Form announced that amid the COVID‐19 health crisis, they have been able to re‐tool many of their production lines to create face shields to help meet the ever‐increasing need for personal protective gear by medical professionals.

DUO Form, one of Michigan’s largest and most‐trusted thermoformers is now focusing resources on helping the fight against Coronavirus by using their extensive plastics knowledge to produce face shields for the local needs of personal protective gear. Duo Form has more than fifty years of experience in forming RV parts and pieces, as well as work truck and other essential medical equipment and supplies. With the state of Michigan’s stay‐at‐home mandate, the plant in Edwardsburg, Michigan has been mostly closed for production this past week. The ownership and engineering teams have been busy, however, trying to quickly design and create new tools that would allow the company to enhance production to include some of these most‐needed personal protection items during this medical pandemic.

“We have a strong commitment to our employees, customers, service partners, and communities during the ongoing coronavirus situation. Ensuring their safety continues to be our number one commitment,” says Shelly Ditmer, Vice President of Sales, “As this health crisis has evolved, we are working day and night to determine how best to use our company’s resources to provide support in relief efforts that could positively impact our local Michiana communities. We truly appreciate and applaud the amazing work from our fellow RV suppliers for their quick willingness to help us with this project and in providing prototypes in under 24 hours. We are so grateful to work in such an amazing industry with such caring people.”

Mike Gonser, Director of Duo New Product Development says, “We have worked extensively with local area medical professionals to ensure that the personal protective gear that we are able to produce will meet their needs.” He continues, saying “It is important for us to be able to do something to contribute to the efforts to help combat this pandemic and do what we can to help get life back to normal.”

Duo Form reports that they are producing 3,000 face shields right away, and will have supplies to do another 9,000 by next week. They will be used in local hospitals and health care facilities.