East Hampton Sandwich Co. is bringing in the fall and winter seasons with a brand-new seasonal menu. The East Coast-inspired sandwich concept will roll out these new dishes on Friday, November 2 at all locations.

An all new category of sandwiches is presented, the Classic Melts. Selections include the Toasted Pimento with sharp cheddar and pepper jack pimento cheese, grilled tomato and Neuske’s bacon on hippie wheat bread; the French Ham + Cheese comprised of hand carved French country ham, white American cheese, black poppy seeds and honey mustard vinaigrette on crispy sourdough; and the White Truffle BLT, a decadent sandwich with grilled white truffle steak, Neuske’s bacon, romaine, roasted heirloom tomato jam, gorgonzola topped with red chili vinaigrette. These melts are sure to keep you warm and cozy during the chilly months ahead.

If committing to a whole sandwich sounds like too much diners can get a half sandwich with a Chowda or Market Side with ‘The Fifty Fifty’, a new special. Sandwiches available with this special are Turkey Bacon and Avocado, Meyer Lemon Chicken, White Truffle BLT, Lemon Caprese Toasted Pimento or Grilled Ham and Cheese. New Market Sides are on the seasonal menu as well including mixed berries, curry couscous, citrus quinoa salad and chilled pesto pasta.

Salads will also be in the mix on the Fall/Winter menu featuring Emerald Kale + Quinoa with halved and sliced avocado, organic citrus quinoa, chopped emerald kale and romaine, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, smoked paprika sunflower seeds, white truffle hot sauce topped with honey mustard vinaigrette; “The” Weekender with herb-grilled chicken, chopped beets, Herbes de Provence goat cheese, dried cranberries, crushed honey toasted almonds, green apple, romaine, red onion, basil and citrus vinaigrette; P’s Kale Caesar 2.0, a fresh take on a Caesar salad made with chopped emerald kale and romaine, shaved herb roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, radishes, shaved pecorino, toasted garlic croutons and avocado caesar dressing.

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