With the industry continually looking to push flavors and menu items to the premium level, El Pollo Loco has announced the debut of flan, a Mexican dessert, at its more than 300 restaurants.

Originating over 100 years ago in the small coastal village of Maniagua, flan is a caramel custard. Its growing popularity in recent years prompted El Pollo Loco to introduce flan as a complement to its Latin-inspired menu.

According to El Pollo Loco, the new flan delivers vanilla-infused custard topped with a caramel sauce and is prepared daily at each restaurant in individual-size servings. “We are very excited about offering our guests this very special dessert,” said Jon Miller, director of research and development for El Pollo Loco. “Now, people can enjoy all of the tradition and flavor of flan without the fuss that comes with preparing it themselves.”

El Pollo Loco will communicate its new flan with merchandising vehicles posted inside the restaurant and at the drive-thru promoting an “Indulge Yourself” theme.

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