Elevation Burger, the better-for-you franchise that dishes up USDA certified organic, 100 percent grass-fed beef burgers, is paying homage to a classic burger sidekick: the onion ring. From June 21-27, french fries are taking a backseat as Elevation Burger offers customers a free order of onion rings with any $20+ in-store purchase celebration of National Onion Ring Day (June 22).

Elevation Burger’s onion rings are hand-battered gluten-free and fried in heart-healthy olive oil. These guilt-free onion rings are a recent addition to the Elevation Burger menu, making their debut earlier this year alongside the brand’s new vegan shakes. Customers can take advantage of National Onion Ring Day offerings by mentioning the promotion when they place a $20+ in-store order at any domestic Elevation Burger restaurant.

“Onion rings tend to be overshadowed by french fries, which is why we’re giving them the spotlight and celebrating National Onion Ring Day with a week-long promotion,” says Andy Wiederhorn, CEO of FAT Brands. “Since onion rings are still a new menu item for many Elevation Burger diners, now is the perfect time for customers to try the hand-battered, crispy side dish, the perfect complement to a 100 percent grass-fed Elevation Burger.”

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