eThor, the world’s most powerful point of sale (POS) integration platform, announces a partnership with Andromeda Point of Sale, a worldwide provider of enterprise management and POS solutions for the delivery foodservice industry. Customers like Papa John’s Pizza, New York Pizza, and KFC use Andromeda’s solution in 14 countries.

“This is our first international partnership and is a key piece of our global expansion,” eThor CEO Gary Ziegler says. “Combining eThor’s innovative technology with Andromeda’s best-in-class POS software shows our commitment to bringing the best technology the world has to offer to our customers across the globe. Andromeda services some of the world’s top brands in international markets, and we are excited to work together in an effort to change the way the world finds and purchases food online.”
Through this partnership, eThor will close the loop on online to offline commerce for Andromeda’s customers across the globe, connecting their brick and mortar stores to the digital world with its convenient one-stop marketing dashboard and 360 degree analytics.
eThor’s platform will allow these customers to seamlessly market themselves online by integrating and automating all the digital tools currently on the marketplace – social media, e-mail, online ordering, and more – while collecting and compiling metrics and data to continually customize and enhance the customer experience.
All of eThor’s tools will be fully integrated with the Andromeda POS system and available to all of the company’s customers worldwide. Andromeda’s solution is available in more than 17 languages and 100 different currency options with display and printing in every language, fiscal printing, and flexible address structures.
“We’re excited about being able to deliver this kind of functionality that is definitely not standard for any POS out there,” says Dave Hick, Andromeda’s VP, Americas. “eThor has done so many of these integrations that we know our customers will be able to bake this capability right into their regular business processes, without any disruption to operations. Customers can order however they want and that means extra profits.”
For more information or for a demo, visit Andromeda booth #1735 at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas March 19-21.