Even Stevens Downtown Phoenix has reached the exciting milestone of 100,000 sandwiches donated to local non-profit partners Desert Mission Food Bank, Sojourner Center, Phoenix Rescue Mission, and St. Vincent De Paul.

Even Stevens will celebrate the event on May 4th, 2018 by handing out balloons, playing live local music, and inviting non-profit partners in to chat with guests about their organizations. Stop in to celebrate and learn more about how sandwich donations are impacting your community.

“Our partnership with Even Stevens has allowed us provide an even better quality product to the clients we serve. Through their local food purveyor, we have been able to expand our menu to include not only an even higher quality food but fresh and healthy. We turned the amazing carintas meat into a loaded carintas tostada which is a huge client favorite. The precooked hardboiled eggs paved the way for our famous Cobb Salad. This in turn allows us to focus our time and resources on creating better programs to serve our clients who are struggling with life controlling issues,” says Bradley Shire, Food Service Operations Director for Phoenix Rescue Mission

“Congratulations, Even Stevens on your amazing milestone of 100,000 sandwiches. We are so grateful for our partnership with Even Stevens and your generous donation each month. The products that we’re able receive help to reduce the costs of food purchases for St. Vincent de Paul. And, in general your donations help to feed an additional 600 individuals each month. Having Even Stevens in our community has been a breath of fresh air from the Restaurant industry; a company that truly is philanthropic and supports the community in which you operate. Bless Even Stevens for all you do to help up serve more people in our shared communities.” Todd A. Cooley, Community & Donor Relations Corporate Development Officer for St. Vincent De Paul Phoenix

The Salt Lake-native craft-casual restaurant serves sandwiches, salads, bites, and local craft fair unique to each of the 20 stores across 6 states. By offering new takes on classic recipes, the brand honors tradition while leaving an open door for creativity. Trending menu items like the “Mihami Vice” Cubano and vegan Jackfruit Torta have found a loyal and fanatical following amongst customers, and with every sandwich purchase, a sandwich is donated to a local non-profit partner.

Even Stevens now donates over 100,000 sandwiches per month across the 20 markets they serve. Partnering non-profits say Even Stevens’ donations allow them to save cash on feeding clients, and instead direct resources towards programs that address the root causes of food insecurity – homelessness, disability, displacement, and unemployment among them.


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