Even Stevens Sandwiches has reached the pivotal milestone of three million sandwiches donated to 80 local non-profit partners across 6 states: Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Idaho and Texas. Even Stevens will celebrate the event on June 23 and 24 at all shops by handing out commemorative pins. Stop in to celebrate and learn more about our non-profit partners and how sandwich donations are impacting your community.

Monica Rich, Emergency Assistance Program Manager / Volunteer Coordinator at Catholic Community Services of Utah shared “We have been partners with Even Stevens for 2.5 years now and during that time their donations to the St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall has assisted us in feeding over 625,000 quality meals to people in Salt Lake City experiencing food insecurity. We are very grateful for everything Even Stevens has done for us and many other great non-profit organizations. We congratulate them on achieving 3 Million sandwiches served and look forward to millions more in the near future!”

“Standing in the afterglow of 3 million sandwiches donated, it’s gratitude that shines through for all those who have trusted in our craft and believed in our mission, Eat to Give. Without you, our neighbors, partners and teams, none of this would be possible. Success truly is a community effort. Cheers to millions more,” says Michael McHenry, president Even Stevens Sandwiches.

The Salt Lake-native craft-casual restaurant serves sandwiches, salads, bites, and local craft fair unique to each store’s location. Even Stevens takes great pride in the craft process and by using local ingredients and allowing the menu to evolve based on customer advocacy, this brand honors tradition while leaving an open door for creativity.

Even Stevens now donates on average 120,000 sandwiches per month to 80 non-profit partners across six states. Partnering non-profits say Even Stevens’ donations allow them to save cash on feeding clients, and instead direct resources toward programs that address the root causes of food insecurity—homelessness, disability, displacement, and unemployment among them.

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