EVOS has been recognized by Greenopia for its efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to keep its environmental impacts to a minimum.

Greenopia is a directory to help guide consumers looking to make environmentally and socially conscious purchases.

In its review, Greenopia says “EVOS is arguably the greenest burger chain in the US.”

Greenopia’s independent researchers looked at everything from food products to environmental design and supply-chain management, and liked what they saw. In its rating of EVOS, Greenopia says:

“First, they sell a variety of organic and fair trade products which are both ecologically and socially responsible. Even more impressively, EVOS has incorporated many elements of green building design into its locations including natural building materials, no-VOC paints, efficient fixtures, and recycled items as well. EVOS also uses recycled-content items for menus and to-go containers.”

“We are happy to be recognized by Greenopia and the eco-community,” says EVOS co-founder Dino Lambridis. “Running a responsible and sustainable business is as important as the great food we serve.”

EVOS’ green efforts go beyond the Greenopia report and continue to evolve as the company announces new practices to further reduce its impact on the planet.

This month, all EVOS stores will switch to a new type of wax wrapper for burgers and wraps that is made from a natural paper stock that is chlorine-free and blended with soy wax instead of petroleum wax.

In the next few months, EVOS will switch to drink cups made from a sustainable resource: corn. The cups are clear and look like traditional plastic cups, but are biodegradable and can be turned into compost. The cups will cost more, but will allow EVOS to further reduce its impact on the environment and lessen dependence on foreign oil.

Paper bags will also get a makeover at EVOS. All stores will be switching to brown paper bags that are 100 percent biodegradable, recyclable, and bleach-free. The bags will be constructed with water-based adhesives and printed with water-based ink versus petroleum based inks.

At EVOS, even the gift cards are eco-friendly. EVOS Greenback Cards are made from 100 percent recycled PVC, made up mostly of recycled credit cards.

“As owners, every decision we make has an impact on our business, the community, and the planet. It just feels great to know that we are making a difference, and more importantly, setting an example for other businesses to follow”, Lambridis says.

At EVOS, the corporate philosophy is “Earth Day. Every Day.” EVOS restaurants in Florida, California, and North Carolina will celebrate Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22, by offering free low-fat Organic Milkshakes to their customers, to showcase support for organic family farmers.