Extreme Pizza announced its plan to reach out to customers with Mobidines, a customized ordering system from Pogo Corporation that enables mobile phone users to instantly place delivery and to-go orders. Customers can place orders directly from the Extreme Pizza menu displayed in the MobiDines application (no Web browsing) on their phones.

“As the mobile app market continues to rapidly grow, so does our consumers’ demand for more convenient ways to order from Extreme Pizza,” says Jim Ryan, senior vice president of marketing for San Francisco–based Extreme Pizza. “The new MobiDines application allows us to offer a new on-the-go way of ordering. Customer service is our number one priority, and we expect this new mobile app to keep our customers happy and coming back for more on a regular basis.”

In addition to increasing face time with its customers through customized Mobidines user promotions, the new mobile app allows Extreme Pizza to send out news about upcoming specials or events, provide directions to restaurant locations, and get customer feedback on their service and menu.

“One of the revolutionary aspects of MobiDines is that it provides hundreds of thousands of restaurants the ability to establish a branded local presence by offering a fully customized, mobile solution directly to their guests’ cellular phones with a simple enrollment process,” says Andy Farrell, president and co-founder of Pogo Corporation.

As with online ordering, MobiDines integrates directly with Extreme Pizza’s Phoenix POS system, so all orders print directly to the make-line printer. This allows Extreme Pizza to track and edit MobiDines orders within its Phoenix system, process extra orders without adding employees or phone lines, reduce order wait time for customers, and add a potential new revenue source with mobile ordering.

“Now consumers can download MobiDines for free to their iPhones or BlackBerry device and begin ordering take-out items from their favorite restaurants without having to launch a Web browser,” says Juan Marti, CEO and co-founder of Pogo Corporation. “The application talks directly to a restaurant’s Phoenix POS system, making for a seamless, easy-to-use, and money-saving way to receive orders.”

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