Jack in the Box, one of the nation’s largest hamburger chains, kicked off a multi-week marketing campaign during the Super Bowl with a cliffhanger ad that left the fate of famed Jack in the Box founder, Jack, up in the air.

While the Super Bowl ad promoted the expansive menu at Jack in the Box and that guests can order anything on the menu, anytime of day or night, it culminated with Jack being seriously injured by a bus and left Jack’s fans wondering what would become of the company’s beloved icon. Within minutes of the ad airing, a special Web site created to provide updates and news on Jack’s condition – www.hangintherejack.com – crashed for a few minutes when thousands and thousands of people flooded the Web site.

The campaign will roll out over the next several weeks and will include:

* TV: In addition to the Super Bowl spot, the campaign will feature other television ads to keep Jack’s fans updated on his condition.

* Online: The core of the campaign resides online at www.hangintherejack.com, which will be the official website for updates on Jack’s condition. Online advertising will drive fans to www.hangintherejack.com. In addition, Jack’s loyal assistant Barbara will take over his Facebook page and Twitter account and keep fans up to speed on his health.

* In-Restaurant: Select in-restaurant merchandising elements will be dedicated to the campaign.

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