Paciugo Gelato & Caffé customers are screaming this summer, but it’s not for ice cream. Fans of Paciugo’s summer frozen beverages, featuring the nostalgic Dreamsicle and classic fat-free Strawberry Lemonade do not want their better-for-you summer escape to end.

The two new handcrafted, gelato-based beverages, starting at $3.39, debuted in early June as a limited time offering and have become such a favorite among guests and franchise partners that Paciugo decided to extend the promotion through September 2.

Paciugo’s innovative approach to making unique, fresh flavors is the key to our guests’ satisfaction,” says Paciugo’s president, Vincent Ginatta, who founded Paciugo with his family in 2000, bringing Italian ingredients and techniques from their native Italy to duplicate the fourth-generation recipes from their respective home cities of Turin and Milan. “Our guests have responded to our two new flavors with much enthusiasm, which makes us and our franchise partners very happy. We’re very pleased to keep the summer in full swing by serving these two beverages through the Labor Day holiday.”

Paciugo (pronounced “pah-CHOO-go”, which means “messy concoction”) is best-known for its authentic Italian gelato, handcrafted using wholesome ingredients of the finest quality, from around the world. With nearly 400 recipes in its portfolio, 44 Paciugo Gelato & Caffé locations in 15 states each serve an assortment of 32 to 40 flavors, made fresh daily at all gelato cafes.

Paciugo’s gelato is made with whole milk versus cream, resulting in a flavorful frozen treasure with up to 70 percent less fat and fewer calories than ice cream. In addition to milk-based gelato, Paciugo offers water-based, fat-free sorbets, soy-based gelato, and No Sugar Added versions of gelato. Paciugo gelato and sorbets are smoother in texture than ice cream and are prepared in small batches for optimum taste.

Our Dreamsicle and Strawberry Lemonade are made using only the finest quality ingredients and fruits and with the same handcrafted care used in making our gelato,” says John Kelly, Paciugo’s director of marketing. “They are better-for-you summer treats that simply taste great.”

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