FaZe Holdings Inc., the lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and youth culture, today announced its first virtual restaurant initiative: ‘FaZe Subs’ with DoorDash as the exclusive on-demand delivery platform.

FaZe Subs is the first product launch from the FaZe Clan DoorDash partnership announced earlier this year. FaZe Clan members worked with chef and TV personality, Virtual Dining Concepts Culinary Director, Chef Eric Greenspan, to create a full specialty menu featuring original sandwiches that will be available exclusively on the DoorDash platform in select cities across 23 states in the US starting today, July 26th, with plans to expand to additional US cities and Canada later this year. Virtual Dining Concepts, the industry leader in the virtual restaurant space credited with creating brands in partnership with major names like MrBeast and Mariah Carey, has been commissioned with helping to bring the FaZe Clan and Chef Eric Greenspan designed menu to life.

“FaZe Subs marks our first foray into a virtual food brand. This ghost kitchen venture is an example of leveraging the FaZe platform into new revenue streams,” says Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan. “As a pioneering brand born on the internet, FaZe is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the creator economy’s evolution beyond traditional ad-based revenue to more scalable product-based revenue.“

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