Fazoli’s wil be rolling out a new product and a new advertising campaign this month.

Adding to its growing sandwich roster, Fazoli’s is introducing the Panini to its menu. The oven-baked and prepared to order sandwiches come in six varieties: Four Cheese & Tomato, Ham & Swiss, Chicken Caesar Club, Smoked Turkey and Italian Deli.

“Paninis offer an alternative to our Submarinos sandwich line,” says Fazoli’s Group Chairman of Marketing Bryan May. “With flavorful ingredients like black pepper chicken, white cheddar cheese, pesto, roasted red peppers, basalmic marinated vegetables and Capicola ham, we expect the sandwiches to be popular with women and lovers of specialty, deli-style sandwiches.”

The television and radio spots feature obviously non-Italian consumers discussing the qualities of Italian food and attempting Italian accents. They begin to speak with their hands, and phrases suddenly roll off their tongues like wet spaghetti noodles.

Paninis will be introduced to the public via a new advertising campaign in Fazoli’s 160 corporately-owned restaurant markets starting this week, and in the more than 200 franchise markets later in March.

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