Fazoli’s has announced the launch of Dare to Excel, a new program that will spotlight team members in a platform to celebrate company culture and promote employment opportunities to potential candidates. 

Dare to Excel will focus on three main objectives: showcasing the talent of associates nationwide, reinforcing the inclusion and diversity that makes Fazoli’s special and inspiring future candidates to join the Fazoli’s team. 

Fazoli’s leadership team believes that every team member has a unique voice and story to tell highlighting their experience working for the brand. By sharing their own testimonials, team members will be able to share how Fazoli’s has helped or impacted them and serve as key recruiters for prospective new hires. 

“We’re delighted to roll out this program and confirm the great work that our team members deliver on a daily basis,” says Fazoli’s Senior VP of Human Resources Dave Craig. “Our HR team worked hard to find a way to display the pride we all share in working under the Fazoli’s brand while inspiring current and future team members. We believe that there’s no better voice to bring in fresh talent than by asking our current staff to share their amazing stories and experiences.”

With more than 5,000 team members nationwide, Fazoli’s will focus on store-level stories to share with the public and meet its objectives. Each month will feature a different theme with team members filling out surveys to share their stories on that particular theme. A committee will review all submissions and each team member with a featured story will receive a $50 gift card.  

Dare to Excel launched this month with the theme “Welcome to the Workforce,” which focuses on team members recounting their first job at Fazoli’s. The inaugural winners are Amber Hatfield, from West Virginia, and Alexander Baxter, from Indiana, who both credit Fazoli’s for giving them the perfect environment to develop their skills and talents as their first jobs.

In August, the brand will spotlight team members who have been a part of the Fazoli’s Family for 10+ years. The celebration will feature the long-standing tenure, leadership and dedication of four managers who have a combined 54 years’ experience – Stephanie Parks, Michigan; Cassy Bailey, Ohio; Heather Rehbein, Wisconsin; and Mackenzie Kettelhake, Illinois. 

Fazoli’s will feature a variety of monthly themes including: Hispanic/Latino Appreciation in September, Disabilities Appreciation in October, Veteran/Active Military Appreciation in November and Volunteerism in December.

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