Food Innovation Solutions has launched two new services: food safaris and a state of the art development kitchen to help national food retailers, quick-service restaurants, and manufacturers future-proof their food innovation.

To help keep up-to-date with current and evolving food trends, FIS has launched a food safaris service. These are designed to educate marketing and NPD teams about an existing or new food category here or overseas by embracing as many different products and experiences as possible.

“Successful innovators need to not only be up-to-speed with what’s going on in the market, but also be able to predict the next big things to happen,” says Mike Faers. “Our safaris allow teams to bond and create and bounce ideas of each other which in turn helps generate truly innovative concepts.”

FIS has also launched its very own commercial development kitchen enabling it to create and develop new concepts from its own offices. These facilities can be used by businesses that either don’t have their own facilities or prefer a development project to be outsourced.

Due to the rapid expansion of FIS, the company has recruited two new members of staff: Kelly Dowson as new business manager and Sarah Ironside as marketing manager. The team at FIS is now able to advise food businesses on all elements of food development and marketing, right through the process from strategy to launch.

“Food is a diverse sector, which is constantly evolving and it is important to have a specialist team who understand the dynamics and emerging trends of the industry,” Faers says. “We believe these extra services will help food businesses develop more bespoke food solutions.”

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