Freddy's location in Moore, Oklahoma, was spared during the F5 tornado May 20. Sunday they served 5000 first responders and volunteers during an all-day effort themed 'Hot Dogs for Heroes'.

“The devastation in Moore is catastrophic and we feel so fortunate to have survived the storm without any injuries to our staff or guests inside the restaurant. Our building received only minor damage and utilities are now back on,” says franchisee Bob Rasberry, who owns nine locations in the Oklahoma City area. “Everyone wants to help and our partners in business were some of the first wanting to offer food to those in need. Today, for free, we will serve our delicious steakburgers, Vienna Beef hot dogs, fries, and Pepsi to those affected in the area. It is a small gesture but we hope it fills some stomachs and brings a smile to the face of those dealing with overwhelming loss.”


Freddy's in Moore reopened for regular business yesterday morning. The site has been closed since the storm due to utility challenges and restricted access in the area.


“For days, thousands of volunteers and first responders have been in this neighborhood saving lives and offering a hand to friends, neighbors, and strangers. It is a blessing and our honor to serve a meal to these heroes,” says Scott Redler, Freddy's COO. “We are appreciative of the generous vendors who volunteered to make this effort possible: Vienna Beef, Colorado Premium, Simplot, Meadowvale, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi.” 

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