Atlanta-based Freshëns, the nation’s largest frozen yogurt and smoothie company, is debuting its new kiosk prototype this summer at Grapevine Mills Mall in Atlanta.

In addition to introducing the new kiosk, Freshëns is expanding its menu and updating its branding message.

The new Freshëns kiosk will be positioned directly across from the Legoland Discovery Center.

Freshëns’ new architecturally unique kiosk features a cutting-edge retail design. The kiosk measures only 400 square feet, yet offers great depth of product in a compact footprint. The design features Freshëns’ signature brilliant colors of purple, green, and orange against a crisp, white backdrop.

The contemporary design elements and bold graphics are designed to engage and attract customers. The new kiosk features a breathtaking canopy top that resembles a large fan and symbolically communicates Freshëns as a “refreshing oasis” for healthy eating. 

 The mall kiosk will feature Freshëns’ new product offerings that include crispy salad bowls, handcrafted crepes, frozen yogurt, smoothies, and specialty drinks. The unique salads are served in a crispy edible bowl made on a crepe iron. Freshëns is also introducing new specialty teas and sparkling beverages.

As part of the company’s continuous evolution since 1985, it is updating its branding message to reflect the expanded menu, focused on healthy eating and better living.

 “With the introduction of our new kiosk, new menu options, and a new branding message, our goal is to expand Freshëns’ reach and appeal into more market sectors,” says Ed Redmond, senior vice president.

“Freshëns offers a unique retail experience for foodservice operators in colleges, airports, sports arenas, hospitals, and other co-branded locations. We believe regional malls are a logical next step in our growth strategy,” he says. “We are dedicated to constantly improving our programs and options to meet changing consumer tastes while continually supporting our partners with ongoing advancements and training.”

The new store design is an important part of the company’s expansion strategy, as it opens up additional opportunities for foodservice operators in locations where a kiosk is the desired platform. Freshëns plans to open 50 new locations in 2012, with a primary focus in major airports, colleges, and high-profile regional malls.

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