Freshii founder and CEO Matthew Corrin has always been involved in the inner workings of his company. He regularly travels around the world, supporting Freshii restaurants and taking a hands-on approach in opening new locations.

Now, Corrin is putting on a disguise and going undercover in his own Canadian franchises on W Network’s “Undercover Boss Canada,” airing Thursday, March 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Corrin’s commitment to the Freshii brand is evident. Within just seven short years, Freshii has grown into an international franchise, leading the health-casual industry.

As the youngest-ever CEO to go undercover, a disguised Corrin was able to see just how dedicated and creative employees really are when it comes to the Freshii brand and customer service.

"Going undercover was a unique opportunity for me to work alongside Freshii employees,” Corrin says. “It allowed me to experience, first hand, their commitment to customer service and also to uncover where improvements can be made to maximize efficiency.

“The insight I gained into the dedication of our staff reinforced my belief in the importance of excited and empowered employees,” he continues. “‘Undercover Boss was such a great experience, that I purchased my disguise and use it to check in on other stores around the world as I travel.”

Corrin and his Freshii leadership team will take the insights gained from the experience on “Undercover Boss Canada” and implement them into effective companywide initiatives.

Each week, “Undercover Boss Canada” follows a different executive as they leave the comfort of their corner office for an undercover mission to examine the inner workings of their companies.

While working alongside their employees, they see the effects that their decisions have on others, where the problems lie within their organizations and get an up-close look at both the good and the bad while discovering the unsung heroes who make their companies run.

Freshii is a quick-service, health-casual franchise that serves salads, bowls, wraps, and more. Freshii challenges the world to eat foods that not only taste great and are nutritious, but also provide the energy needed to live life to the fullest and on the go.

Freshii's environmentally sustainable approach has brought the concept fast popularity and triggered its expansion across North America and internationally, with an expected 100 locations open and under development in more than eight countries and 35 cities around the world in 2013.

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