Javier and Teresa Bueno signed a Master Franchise agreement to open 20-plus Freshii stores in the Greater Houston market. The Buenos are owners of Third Coast Produce, a produce distribution company that supplies independent, franchised, chain, fast-food, fast-casual, and full-service restaurants in the Houston area.

“Being plugged into the industry I saw a demand for healthy and fresh food beginning to increase in Houston, but the restaurant options were few and far between and there was very little focus on branding. I began to research options and discovered Freshii,” Javier Bueno says. “I see Freshii as the perfect brand for addressing a growing demand for fresh, organic food that is good for the entire family. A further appeal to Freshii is its earth friendly focus, through packaging choices and operations techniques. As a fitness competitor I live a healthy, balanced life and want to offer those in the Houston community a convenient option for healthy eating.”

The husband and wife are eyeing several immediate locations with the first expected to open in early 2010.

“Houston is a top tier target market for Freshii, as the fourth-largest metro in the U.S. Their ‘Tunnel’ system is similar to the Toronto underground ‘PATH,’ where we have some of our most successful restaurants in our chain,” says Matthew Corrin, Freshii CEO. “I am confident that with their passion for health and wellness combined with their strength in the world of produce supply, Javier and Teresa will be very successful expanding Freshii in Houston.”

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