Fast-growing health & wellness brand Freshii continues to drive forward its mission—to make healthy food convenient and accessible for all—with the launch of an energizing new bowl. Developed by Freshii’s Lead Nutritionist and inspired by the flavors of Morocco, Biiblos makes its debut at locations worldwide starting today, only for a limited time. Freshii guests won’t have to go far to satisfy their craving for global flavors, while at the same time getting in their nutrients. Convenient and accessible? Check.

The brand’s launch of Tortilla Soup this past winter celebrated the ‘global flavors’ and ‘spicy food’ movements that took off in 2017, but now it’s time for Moroccan cuisine to have its moment in the culinary world. In fact, Moroccan cuisine has been named a top food trend for 2018. So naturally, the flavors have found their way into the test kitchen of Freshii’s Lead Nutritionist and onto the global menu.

Biiblos is a nutritional powerhouse that’s bursting with color and flavor. This eat-any-time bowl starts with a base of quinoa and spinach, which is then topped with chickpeas, walnuts, feta cheese, carrots, cucumbers, dried cranberries and made-in-house Spicy Harissa Tahini dressing. This tahini-based dressing is one of two new additions to the Freshii menu. Made from ground sesame seeds mixed with a spicy paste that hails from the souks of Morocco, it adds a creamy kick and a good dose of healthy fat. Tahini is known as a “growing food trend” for 2018, while Harissa is said to the be “next big thing in spicy condiments.” Move over Sriracha.

The second addition to the Freshii menu—and debuting in the Biiblos bowl—are chickpeas, rich in plant-based protein and fibre to keep guests (especially those vegetarians and vegans) fuelled all day.

“We’re constantly testing exciting new ingredients and new menu items each quarter, but we’re especially excited for Biiblos,” says Melissa Gallagher, VP of Marketing at Freshii. “It showcases our innovation and our commitment to making the latest food and health trends—like tahini and plant-based protein options—convenient and accessible for our guests, without sacrificing flavor. In this case, Moroccan flavor. It was a home run in the test kitchen. I can’t wait for our guests to experience it.”

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