Freshii Inc., the global leader in the health-casual restaurant business, will soon be making healthy food convenient and affordable to citizens of the U.K. With locations in Ireland, Sweden, Austria and the Netherlands, the U.K. is a natural next step for the global brand.

Leading the expansion is seasoned Franchise Partner Anil Patil, who is confident that he’ll make Freshii a recognizable name.

“I operate 40 Starbucks and 20 Domino’s locations here, and I am confident that I will find similar, if not greater, success with the Freshii brand in the U.K.,” Patil says.

This a familiar story for Patil; he was the first franchise partner in Starbucks history and successfully led the coffee company into the UK market. He plans to do the same for Freshii. Given his background, Patil understands the importance of the guest experience and the value of creating a killer culture, both of which are guiding principles of the Freshii brand. He is also eager to bring to the U.K. what many are demanding: healthy food that is convenient and affordable. Now more than ever, people around the world are more careful about what they put into their bodies.

By offering a diverse and customizable menu of salads, bowls, wraps, soups, smoothies and juices at an affordable price point, Freshii is helping people live better and more energized lives without sacrificing taste and enjoyment.

Patil shares his initial reaction to the Freshii concept. “I first experienced Freshii in Dublin, Ireland. An Irish friend told me I simply had to come over and taste it. I was instantly attracted to the menu offering, the energetic environment and the brand’s commitment to making the world better. Freshii operates in a growing segment of the fast-casual market and reflects the cultural change we’re seeing toward health, but also toward environmentalism and philanthropy.”

Patil believes that these shifts are just beginning in the U.K., and that Freshii is entering the market at an ideal time. Freshii CEO & Founder Matthew Corrin couldn’t agree more. “We’ve seen success in Ireland and believe there is tremendous opportunity to grow the Freshii brand throughout the UK—a market that is under-served in the healthy fast-casual space. We’re ready for it, the country is ready for it and Anil is a franchise-savvy entrepreneur that will execute in the right way. I’m thrilled to have Anil on board to drive our mission and our culture.”

The first order of business for Patil will be building the right network of Franchise Partners throughout London. He’s looking for entrepreneurs that will maintain the Freshii culture, guest experience and quality while also incorporating unique elements that will blend Freshii into the fabric of the city. Each restaurant will have its own look and feel to fit the community that it’s in, so guests feel at home as they walk through the doors. Patil’s vision for Freshii UK is to become “an employer of choice, a part of our guests’ everyday routine and play a meaningful role in the communities that we serve.” He adds, “we won’t rest until Freshii becomes the leading fast-casual restaurant in the UK.”

Patil and the Freshii team will seek high-quality Franchise Partners to open restaurants across the city until there is a Freshii at every corner. Londoners, prepare to be energized soon as Freshii will open its UK doors later this year.

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