VFC Foods Ltd, a UK-founded, sassy vegan fried chick*n brand and trailblazer in vegan protein, announced it will be exhibiting at this year’s Plant Based World Conference & Expo in New York, on December 9-10, 2021.

VFC has big plans to make an entrance, literally, as it hosts one of the largest stands at the event, placed right at the entrance of the expo. It’s clear that VFC is ready to make their mark on US soil. This news comes shortly after the company announced its enthusiastic US expansion plan last month, and has already scheduled to launch in a handful of food service restaurants, major retail chains, and universities across the country by the end of the year.

VFC certainly stands out from the commercial crowd. Bold, irreverent, and full of attitude, VFC has become known for its wit, sharing slogans such as, ‘thanks Colonel, we’ll take it from here’ and ‘food that doesn’t cost a wing and a leg’. While humor is central to the brand, it’s their no-holds-barred activism that really sets VFC apart from the rest, cemented with an ambitious brand mission: to end factory farming, spare chickens and change the world.

Known for their “sit-down protest,” VFC has introduced an act of positive rebellion against a system that has brought the world climate change, environmental destruction, factory farming and slaughterhouses. Their way to dismantle this destructive system is with great vegan food.

Aiming to revolutionize the vegan food market with its unparalleled products, VFC offers restaurateurs and retailers crispy, tender, vegan chick*n options, including; Chick*n Fillets for the perfect burger bite, Chick*n Bites for dipping and dunking, and Popcorn Chick*n for a light sharing snack. Each product is high in protein and there is absolutely no sacrifice on flavor.

Matthew Glover, co-founder of VFC, says: “We’re excited to be heading to New York for the biggest vegan event in our industry. We know we’ve got a great product and we can’t wait to get it into the hands of key industry players. Since launching in the UK only last year, we have gone from strength to strength with huge demand from both retailers and restaurants, and from over 50 other countries, and we’re now ready to shift up a gear. The US gave us KFC, and we’re keen to return the favor with an alternative which is kinder to animals and our planet.”

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