Fro.Zen.Yo self-serve frozen yogurt has taken its website to the next level. After recently announcing its plans to expand worldwide, Fro.Zen.Yo has re-launched its website to include detailed information about its franchise offerings, new product rollouts, breaking news and more. "The company has tripled the amount of locations since the launch of the original website, and we wanted to show our customers and franchisees a web experience that is more consistent with the Fro.Zen.Yo store experience", said Michael Rendelman, director of franchising for Fro.Zen.Yo Franchising LLC.

Coming along for the ride will be two new Fro.Zen.Yo franchise partners. Yates Services Inc., owned by F. Robert Yates, Jr. plans to open its first Fro.Zen.Yo franchise in 2013 in Washington, D.C. Mr. Yates is an experienced businessman with over 35 years in health care management. "We invested in Fro.Zen.Yo because we believe in the concept and the management team. We believe that Fro.Zen.Yo has developed a long-term, sustainable business model, and we look forward to opening many locations with them", says Mr. Yates.
Samah Inc., owned by Woundim and Aida Demissie, plans to open its first Fro.Zen.Yo franchise in 2013 in Maryland. Mr. Demissie has plenty of retail and franchising experience as an operator with 7-11. "We have experience working with a mature franchise company. We believe that Fro.Zen.Yo has what it takes to become a leader in the dessert category. We like the simplicity of the Fro.Zen.Yo business model and were impressed with their financials," says Mr. Demissie.
The Fro.Zen.Yo concept was created by a management team that brings decades of restaurant and retail experience to the table and is based on a self-serve à la carte format. Recently recognized in Washingtonian Magazine as the Best Frozen Yogurt, the first Fro.Zen.Yo opened in Friendship Heights in Washington, D.C., to positive reviews and long lines of frozen yogurt lovers. Fro.Zen.Yo has established a year-round business model by co-branding with Zombie Coffee, a coffee concept developed by Fro.Zen.Yo’s founders. Currently, Fro.Zen.Yo has many locations open on the East Coast and is expanding across the U.S. and worldwide.
Fro.Zen.Yo is a franchise that is actively being developed with Franchise Freeway. Franchise Freeway was founded under the leadership of CEO Mike Halpern and is responsible for the successful launch of worldwide, franchised brands. 
Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, News, fro.zen.yo