Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh’s menu is filled with scratch-made “wonderfood”—the perfect balance of delicious and nutritious, and with the arrival of summer, the rapidly growing Mediterranean concept is inviting guests to eat better and feel brighter.

Garbanzo just debuted its new Feel Brighter Summer Bundle. Beginning today, guests can enjoy any handheld (Laffa or pita) with any protein (grilled chicken, grilled top sirloin steak, authentic gyro meat, falafel or portobello) served with Garbanzo fries and a regular drink for only $9.99 all summer long.

“We don’t want you to have to trade flavor and health for nutritionally empty calories that leave you wanting an afternoon nap,” says Devin Handler, VP of marketing for the Denver-based chain. “Instead, we offer our handhelds, which are even portable so that you can feel brighter no matter where summer takes you. And with so many different protein options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You really can’t go wrong with our Feel Brighter Summer Bundle. You may even feel a little lighter but definitely not in the wallet.”

This special will only be available at this incredible price through August 31.

Garbanzo is headquartered in Colorado with 30 locations nationwide with many new units in development including its newest restaurant opening in the Denver International Airport in summer 2019.

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