Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill is testing MyBread gluten-free pre-baked pita in its Aurora, Lone Tree, and Glendale, Colorado, locations through April 2014. If the test determines MyBread pita is a viable option for the restaurant concept, additional or all Garbanzo locations will carry the gluten-free product.

Founded by a diagnosed celiac, MyBread is a 100 percent dedicated gluten- and nut-free wholesale bakery located in Chicago. MyBread’s pita is certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), which represents the strictest standards in third party certification.

“Many of our menu items are naturally gluten-free, and over the years, our guests have come to know us as a gluten-free-friendly restaurant,” says Alon Mor, Garbanzo founder, president, and CEO. “Considering our pitas are one of our signature items, we wanted to offer guests a gluten-free alternative. MyBread, founded and operated by someone who personally faces dietary restrictions due to celiac disease, is a good option for customers trying to avoid gluten.”

"It's exciting for us to see such a strong commitment to the gluten-free consumer from a top-quality, growing restaurant chain such as Garbanzo,” says Ryan Scott, a MyBread founding member and director of sales and marketing. “While it is becoming more and more common to see gluten-free options at restaurants, it is our personal experience that regional and national restaurant groups have lagged a bit behind. When presented with the idea of adding a gluten-free pita, it was immediately apparent that the Garbanzo management team saw value and an opportunity to commit to a growing, loyal and outspoken customer base. By pairing Garbanzo's flavorful, authentic, and healthy dishes with our gluten-free pita, I am confident we can provide those who adhere to a gluten-free diet with an experience they haven't had in a long time, if ever!"

Garbanzo is following strict handling procedures for MyBread pita to help avoid gluten cross contamination. The restaurant concept, which makes its own pita from scratch in each location throughout the day, is not a gluten-free facility, however, and does not guarantee zero cross contamination in its stores.

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