A fat cat is helping a restaurant famous for its square burgers deliver a message that a well-rounded education is the way to a brighter future.

Beginning January 14th through February 17th, Garfield and Krystal kids meals will deliver messages such as “Reading With Friends is Fun” and “Geography can take you to Great Places” through packaging, premiums, and point-of-purchase materials.

The Krystal/Garfield Kids Meal promotion aims to emphasize to kids that learning is fun by offering a series of Make-a-Scene fun play-boards and sticker sets featuring Garfield and his friends in school settings themed around reading, geography, and sports education.

Garfield has a long history as an advocate for education with successful campaigns with the American Library Association, Literacy Volunteers of America, The Children’s Literacy Initiative, and the SHOPA Kids-In-Need teachers’ resource centers.

“Garfield” is the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world, read by more than 263,000,000 people in 2600 newspapers worldwide each day.

The Krystal Company is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee and has more than four hundred restaurants throughout the United States.

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