Genghis Grill, the beloved build-your-own stir-fry brand, announced an extensive franchise growth initiative designed to double the brand’s footprint in the next five years. With 86 locations operating in 20 states, the fast-growing franchise looks to leverage the momentum it has achieved in the past year to conquer new territories in key markets throughout the United States.

Capping off a milestone year, the past 12 months included the introduction of a new kid’s menu and online ordering system, as well as new appetizers, desserts, scratch cocktails, craft beer, and a series of fresh additions to the brand’s iconic “Fresh Market Bar.” Genghis Grill is also planning a new brunch menu, which will make its debut in the months ahead.

“The time is now for Genghis Grill to make its move,” says Jim Kuhn, CEO of Dallas-based Genghis Grill. “We know that people across the country crave our food; we hear from them all the time. The enhancements we have made over the past year have only intensified these cravings, which is why we are on a mission to meet the demand for Genghis Grill in untapped markets around the country. It is only a matter of time before people everywhere have an opportunity to build-their-own stir fry.”

In 2015, the brand began rolling out a series of enhancements to its menu and “fresh market bar,” which included the addition of fresh Asian guacamole, Thai shrimp and crispy rice lettuce wraps, banh mi crostinis, and kale and veggie potstickers to its appetizer menu. The brand also added two new homemade desserts: Nutella and pretzel crispy wontons and cookie butter crispy wontons.

The “Fresh Market Bar” was also updated to include bacon, Korean BBQ pork, asparagus, sweet potatoes, peas, ginger water, cilantro, basil, and mint. The most notable development was the return of shrimp, which had become a favorite among guests over the years. Plus, diners were introduced to a number of new homemade sauces such as the roasted garlic, red chili garlic, and sesame soy. While young diners were invited to try the brand’s new teriyaki fried rice and chicken lo mein, adults were introduced to an updated drink menu featuring the brand’s new Mongolian Mule, Warrior Smash, Flaming Arrow, and Legendary Lemonade.

In addition to the menu updates, Genghis Grill launched an online ordering system towards the end of 2015 that is now available in nearly every restaurant location across the country.

The progress the brand has achieved in the past year is helping it gain ground in reaching its franchise growth goals. In the fourth quarter of 2015, Genghis Grill saw the highest increase in same-store sales since 2010. The growth in sales is helping guide the development of new franchise locations. In addition to the new domestic locations, the brand is also planning to open it’s first international franchise location in Dubai later in the year.

The forthcoming restaurants will feature both the brand’s traditional full-service model, as well as its new fast casual prototype. Currently, there are three fast casual dining locations based throughout Texas. Genghis Grill also has several locations based in airports.

“We have left no stone unturned … these changes reflect the future of Genghis Grill,” Kuhn adds. “It signifies the brand’s renewed commitment to expansion in key markets throughout the country. I couldn’t be more excited about the direction we are headed. It’s going to be a momentous year for our franchisees, our guests and our leadership team.”

Genghis Grill is best known for its sizzling build-your-own stir-fry. Guests are invited to customize their bowl at the brand’s “Fresh Market Bar,” which features 80-plus carefully selected ingredients. The concepts grill masters cook these customized creations on large, sizzling, circular grills. Each guest can build their own bowl to their specifications and layer as many ingredients as they want. Within a matter of minutes, guests can prep their food and sit down to eat. The overall experience is fast, fresh, and healthy.

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