GiftAMeal, an innovative cause-marketing program dedicated to making a positive impact, has witnessed remarkable growth this year. This Holiday giving season GiftAMeal continues to spread their mission of giving back to local communities across 37 states.

In 2023, GiftAMeal achieved a significant milestone by increasing its restaurant partnerships, surging to nearly one thousand partners, firmly establishing itself as a standout player in the industry. Their geographical reach expanded from five states at the beginning of 2022 to 37 states now, showcasing a 640% growth rate. October 2023 was GiftAMeal’s highest impact month on record with 53,449 meals provided to families in need. To date, GiftAMeal has provided over 1.7 million meals equating to over 2 million pounds of food distributed. GiftAMeal is currently working with 112 foodbanks, up from 65 last year, impacting an additional 47 service areas and almost doubling their reach.

GiftAMeal’s dedication to its mission was further recognized when they were awarded the $25,000 Grand Prize in Amazon Business’ 2023 Small Business Grant contest from a pool of 35,000 national applicants.  

“This year has been monumental for GiftAMeal,” remarks Andrew Glantz, Founder & CEO of GiftAMeal. “We’ve not only witnessed an impressive surge in restaurant partnerships but also crossed the 1.7 million meals donated mark. The level of enthusiasm and support for GiftAMeal has never been stronger, and we’re grateful and excited to extend our reach to help more communities across the country.” 

GiftAMeal’s growing list of restaurant partners spans a wide spectrum of establishments, from local mom and pop shops like Anthonino’s Taverna to nationwide chains like Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken. Most recently, GiftAMeal launched partnerships with Gong cha (162 locations) and Wing Snob (31 locations).

These partnerships yield mutual benefits, as restaurants partnering with GiftAMeal have seen their guests return 39% more frequently, spend 20% more per visit, and tip 32% more than standard patrons, all due to the emotional connection fostered by GiftAMeal’s feel-good experience.

GiftAMeal’s impressive growth trajectory is also bolstered by its distinguished Advisory Board, consisting of industry veterans and thought-leaders such as Phil Crawford (CTO of CKE Restaurants), Andrew Rebhun (Chief Experience Officer of CAVA), Dan Sokolik (VP Marketing of Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken), and Seth Hall (Principal at 858 Partners). Their advisory board members attest to the transformative impact of GiftAMeal’s platform on hunger-relief in communities across the country.

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