Globe announces the addition of an electric pasta cooker/boiling unit and the new IR1800 Induction Range to their cooking line. 

The electric pasta cooker/boiling unit boils all types of fresh/frozen/dry pasta, vegetables, eggs, and more. Ideal for ethnic restaurants, pizzerias, cafeterias, any commercial kitchen making pasta or boiling products, as well as those wanting to add to their menu selections.
The compact GPC16 2-Gallon Pasta Cooker/Boiling Unit is constructed of durable stainless steel. Equipped with front-mounted drain for operator ease and safety. The GPC16 has a programmable digital timer and heavy-duty nesting bar located on the control head for convenient basket hanging. Includes twin pasta baskets with cool-to-touch insulated handles. Swing-up elements are removable for easy cleaning and servicing.
The new 1800 watt countertop induction range delivers heat quickly and can be adjusted instantly. With 90 percent energy efficiency, the IR1800 eliminates wasted heat as all of the heat is generated in the pan – heating the food and not the kitchen.
The IR1800 countertop unit is compact and lightweight, allowing it to be moved easily and placed in tight areas. The easy-to-clean ceramic cook top, stainless steel frame, and low profile of the IR1800 provides a modern, polished look. Compatible with all ferromagnetic induction- ready pans, the IR1800 Induction Range’s precise cooking and energy efficiency delivers value.
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