Gold Star Chili, the flavor of Cincinnati, introduced a new menu item for Cincinnati chili lovers on the go: the munchable, crunchable GOrito. It’s a more portable way to enjoy Gold Star Chili.

The GOrito is a 12-inch tortilla filled with Gold Star chili, mild shredded Cheddar cheese, chipotle ranch sauce, and, for crunch and unique flavor twist, Fritos corn chips. The ingredients are folded into the tortilla and wrapped tight to make it easy to eat in the car, on a stroll, or in the restaurant.

“The GOrito should appeal to all of our customers but is specifically targeted to the Millennial generation,” says Charlie Howard, vice president of marketing for Gold Star Chili. “Several current food trends merged to create the GOrito; the use of a high profile grocery brand product as a key ingredient, Fritos, and the Millennial generation’s desire for value-priced, portable new menu items that they can discover and share with friends.”

The Gold Star Chili GOrito is priced at $2.49. A GOrito Combo meal, with two GOritos and a regular fountain beverage or iced tea, is $5.99. While the GOrito is currently being introduced as an LTO spring-season promotional item, if sales go well, Gold Star may add it to its permanent menu. 

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